Why Choose Us

Why Choose The McIntyre Team to Sell Your Home

Below we’ve given you our Mission Statement.  If it’s familiar, it’s because it’s on our home page.  It’s also hanging in our office.  It’s the way we operate, every day, with every client, and every home.  If you’d like to hire a Realtor who conducts business in this manner, give us a call today at 443-250-6618.

You can also read a little bit about how we get things done here.


The McIntyre Team knows the impact that where you live can have on how you live your life, and who you are. That’s why we always take the time with our clients to understand what matters most to you.

Holding your values in trust, we are your guide as you take the steps to accomplish your goal. We promise to you, our valued client, the following:

  • We are solution oriented: We fully understand the challenges that lie ahead and pledge to use our knowledge, creativity, and resources to find solutions to every situation (expected or unexpected) that may arise.
  •  We are direct and forthcoming: We will always give it to you straight, even when it is something you may not want to hear. We believe that being honest about a situation puts us in a better place to tackle it head on.
  •  We do it right – the first time: There are no shortcuts. There is only one way to get it done – ethically, honestly, with fairness, and done right.
  •  And you will have a little fun in the process: a little bit of humor and a positive outlook can go a long way toward making what can be a stressful process into a great experience.